Bruce Watson lives in New York, where he writes about food, drink, culture, and all sorts of other fun things.

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Trick Out Your Treats with Exotic Candies from the Asian Market

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceHalloween is a time for brilliance and creativity, for surprising looks and bold statements. But while fun...

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Goodbye, Big Dumb Dads; Hello, Empowered Domestic Dudes

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceThe Big Dummy isn't dead yet ... but it doesn't look good for pop culture's inept father...

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5 Smart Money Moves for Newlyweds

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceWedding season is officially under way, and odds are, couples en route to the altar have been...

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AOL Readers' Secrets for Buying Electric Cars

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceA little while back, I asked DailyFinance's readers for their stories about buying vs. leasing cars. While...

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What's Inside Chicken Nuggets? Far Less Chicken Than You'd Think

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceEver since McDonald's unveiled their chicken nuggets in the mid-1980s, the tasty little morsels have been popular...


Warren Buffett's Money Lessons for Kids: Half Savvy, Half Surreal

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceThere's no question that America's young people are desperately in need of financial education. Some schools wedge...

Open uri20131107 31143 1u730c1 article

Going Green: 3 Environmentally Friendly Funerals

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceGazing out at the park-like greensward that is a modern American cemetery, it would be easy to...

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Fix Your Malfunctioning Wardrobe Cheap: All You Need Is a Good Tailor

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Open uri20131107 31143 1fuxgka article

Happy Birthday, Greatest Thing! Sliced Bread Turns 85

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceThe English language is full of cliches -- \...

Open uri20131107 31143 rhtcj7 article

Fast Food's Green Trend: Making Big Macs and Lattes More Earth-Friendly

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceWhen you think of green companies, fast food chains don't exactly top the list. Fast food, after...

Open uri20131107 31143 1n6yzzw article

Medical Tourism in the U.S.? This New Tool Makes It Possible

Medical tourism is nothing new: For years, ailing Americans (and Canadians) have been traveling around the world to get lower...

Open uri20131107 31143 1bbhdwm article

Crowdfunding Funerals: A New Way to Say Goodbye, Together

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceAs anyone who has ever had to bury a loved one will attest, funerals carry a steep...

Open uri20131107 31143 115g64h article

Stale Beefcake: 70's Hunks Selling Things to Your Mom

By Bruce Watson Daily FinanceHave you ever wondered what happened to the great heartthrobs of the 1970s and 1980s? In...

Open uri20131107 31143 b2zmcn article

Ex-Trader Joes' Chief Will Turn Expired Groceries Into Affordable Meals

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceWhat do you do when the food in your fridge looks fresh, but its sell-by date has...

Open uri20131107 31143 1y3haa3 article

What Does It Take to Be 'Wealthy'? Survey Says $5 Million

By Bruce WatsonDaily FinanceWhen it comes to defining wealth, the line between the rich and everybody else can be unclear....