Bruce Watson lives in New York, where he writes about food, drink, culture, and all sorts of other fun things.

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How To Make Pumpkin Liqueur

It’s not that mass-marketed pumpkin liqueurs are bad, exactly. Most of them are tasty and toasty, loaded with an intense...

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Drink | Food Republic

How To Make Pumpkin Liqueur. DIY pumpkin liqueur is a real autumn treat. By Bruce Watson. how to make pumpkin...

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$15 For A Canned Tuna Fish Sandwich? It's Special Tuna Fish ...

While well known as an American lunchbox classic, canned tuna actually has an international presence. In France, it is the basis of pan bagnat, a Gallic version of America’s infamous tuna fish salad s

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Building A Better Grilled Cheese: Smoky Jalapeño ... - Food Republic

Grilled cheese sandwiches are great any time of the year, but when winter's cruel temperatures and icy winds leave your body craving an extra layer of fat to protect against the chill, they reach a so

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We've Seen The Future With Small Batch American Vermouth | Food ...

Bartenders pride themselves on their unflappability, being able to dispense a triple shot of Fernet with the same cool mien as a bottle of Bud. But if you want to see a barman’s chill exterior crumble

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Transforming Soup to Sandwich: The P.H.O. Real | Food Republic

A hidden deli in New York City's East Village serves up a sandwich that emulates the flavors of Vietnamese Pho soup. Mouth watering yet? Read on after the jump.

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NYC: The Almighty Brisket Sandwich | Food Republic

Do you associate brisket sandwiches with Vietnamese cuisine? After a trip to JoeDough's you won't be able to think of them any other way.

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How To Build A Newer, Better Grilled Cheese | Food Republic

During the comfort food renaissance of the past few years, the lion’s share of attention has fallen to splashy, big-ticket items: groaning racks of barbecued ribs, crispy piles of fried chicken or ric

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Can You Handle Maryland's Pit Beef Sandwich? | Food Republic

Baltimore is all about blue crabs, but sandwich aficionados know that there's more to Charm City than what comes out the Bay. This ain't your little sister's roast beef sandwich, though. Get ready for

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NYC: Chicken Salad Gets An Update With Crispy Pickles And ...

New Year’s is a time of reconsideration and reflection — a day to evaluate the past, plan the future and generally consider the path that you’re on. With that in mind, it seems like there’s no better

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We Found The Best Cuban Sandwich In NYC | Food Republic

A scrappy little Dominican neighborhood in Harlem is also home to New York’s best Cuban sandwich.

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How To Make Cranberry Liqueur

Today, the mainstream cranberry liqueur options are few and far between: a few small distilleries make small batches of artisanal mixes. Alternately, some of the big liqueur/schnapps makers like De Ku...

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Print This Recipe: How To Make Cornbread

This post is presented by the Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless All-in-One Printers. PIXMA MG7120 Printing Solutions (PPS) lets you print photos directly from select popular online could services. With the...

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In Support Of: The Pickled Fiddlehead Garnish

For those of you who are not up on fern biology and the latest locavore trends, fiddleheads look kind of like a little, green elephant trunk or the tail of a tiny, green monkey. They look otherworldly...

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How To Make Lime-oncello

Basically a riff on the classic Italian limoncello, this liqueur uses lime zest to extract pure lime oil, a sharp, tart, bitter base that is packed with flavor. A light simple syrup helps develop the...