Bruce Watson lives in New York, where he writes about food, drink, culture, and all sorts of other fun things.

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Paranormal marketing: Steven Spielberg offers up the anti-blockbuster - DailyFinance

In 1990's Crazy People, one of the better films about the ad industry, a trailer for a fictitious horror film...

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What's Inside Chicken Nuggets? Far Less Chicken Than You'd Think - DailyFinance

New study shows chicken nuggets are less than 50 percent "edible" chicken. How does that affect you -- and your...

Open uri20131107 31143 10nttyw article

Break Away From the Retail Calendar and Save Big on Your Wardrobe - DailyFinance

Retailers have their own calendar that dictates what we're buying when, and how close to full price we should pay....

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More scandals of the rich and famous: John McEnroe uncovers million dollar art scam - DailyFinance

This past week, art dealer Lawrence Salander pleaded not guilty in New York Supreme court to over 100 charges, including...

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Another State Takes a Crack at Helping Poor Kids Get into College - DailyFinance

To help poor but talented kids attend college, Delaware is going to send college application fee waivers to every high-achieving,...

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All You Need to Know About Personal Finance Fits on One Index Card - DailyFinance

Everything you need to know about managing your finances can fit on one index card. Want to know what the...

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A History of Our Changing Priorities, Courtesy of the NYT Wedding Pages - DailyFinance

Want to see how cultural and shopping trends have shifted in recent years? Have a look at the New York...


Gold Bugs, Gold Bears and Melting Down Grandma's Ring - DailyFinance

Gold prices are up again, and floating near an all-time high: That means bad news for the overall economy, but...

Open uri20131107 31143 1gsaske article

Obama's Tax Cut for the 1% (and Everyone Else, Too) - DailyFinance

On Monday, President Obama revived his proposal to cut taxes on income below $250,000 a year -- which the GOP...

Open uri20131107 31143 1wushd article

Ex-Trader Joes' Chief Will Turn Expired Groceries Into Affordable Meals - DailyFinance

Doug Rauch, ex-president of Trader Joe's, sees a lot of good food going to waste because it's expired. His answer:...

Open uri20131107 31143 108w1ov article

Fix Your Malfunctioning Wardrobe Cheap: All You Need Is a Good Tailor - DailyFinance

When your body changes shape, you don't have to spend big to replace everything in your closet: Just bring your...

Open uri20131107 31143 19qi8sm article

For Girls, the Fruits of Success Can Grow from a Strong Start in STEM - DailyFinance

One big barrier to U.S. girls reaching their full earning potential is academic: While 60% of college degrees go to...

Open uri20131107 31143 170tjg7 article

Want to Dine Well, Save Money and Protect the Oceans? Eat Weird Fish - DailyFinance

Fish is one of the healthier option for diners, but overfishing of certain popular species is taking a toll on...

Open uri20131107 31143 5j6apy article

The media and the financial crisis: Journalism failed - DailyFinance

Columbia Journalism Review this month took the first steps toward transforming the ghost stories and urban legends of America's current...

Open uri20131107 31143 1youmo0 article

What Would It Take to Get You Behind the Wheel of an Electric Car? - DailyFinance

Why haven't you bought an electric car yet? Part of the answer might lie in government policies, which are keeping...